June 21, 2009

Sunday Bliss

It's a steeeeeeeamy Sunday morning here in Louisiana. Still, even with the humidity this high, it's beautiful outside. The key is to simply find a place that has A/C and STAY INSIDE.

Thought I'd share some images from a little cafe I visited in New Orleans a while go and had the most YUMMY breakfast ever. It's called "The Ruby Slipper". I can't remember where it is exactly (I think somewhere off Beinville??). No surprise it's difficult remembering for those familiar with New Orleans; more than half of the best eateries are tucked in small neighborhoods and off the major streets. Many refer to these little gems affectionately as "A hole in the wall".

Personally, I think this is what makes these eateries so special. They're usually privately owned and the owners cater to those who frequent there and more than likely (if you frequent enough) they remember you by name!

Here are a few images.

Here's a glimpse of the menu and my coffee. You're thinking "Why are you taking photos of a coffee cup and creamer?" Well, because of it's simplicity. Nothing fancy, just a big white creamer and cup (and I thought it looked great against the dark table). This image actually relaxes me. Amazing how a photo can do that huh? It is currently my screen saver on my computer.

Here's the sign of the cafe. Now, for all those 'artistically' gifted, what do you think of that egg on the slipper? I think it's BRILLIANT! This image will definitely gos into my inspiration folder. The starburst around the shoe also catches my eye. Kind of vintage looking, don't you think?

Look at this GLORIOUS building. The colors are wonderful, it really makes the building stand out on the block. What do you think of the shape? Love the entrance to the cafe from the corner (quite a few N.O. cafes do this).

You know, the one thing about eating somewhere with a blogger is having to put up with the picture taking, LOL! My aunt kept asking me "Why are you talking all those pictures?". Well, to share with everyone of course!

Here's the side of the cafe (if you're looking at the photo above, the "Breakfast/Lunch" is painted on the right side of the building).

This is kind of a close-up of the first photo (without the menu). I liked the way the shadow from the window cast down on the table.

Lastly, here is a quick peek inside. It's not the best but I didn't want to be so obvious; people don't take kindly to me snapping photos whilst they eat.
Again, look at the colors, everything so, vivid.

Well, I'm off to enjoy Father's Day with my family. I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday as well.

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