October 8, 2009

Embossed florets Pop-up Tree

Hum, it's been almost a week. Of course, while I'm not posting I'm creating...something that hopefully will benefit everyone :-)

Yesterday I spent 4 hours at the unemployment office. Oye! That was a very experience.

OK...let's get on to my latest project. This technique/project was actually completed last week, thus my "I'll share on Sunday" blurb. Of course, being the multi-tasker I am, I put it to the side until I could compile the images.

It's a small tutorial on how to extend the use of your Petals of Plenty embossing plate and your Boho Punch. The flowers on this particular die are placed tightly together. This fact alone makes for a very detailed and attractive background.

The tutorial is not all that difficult. Just some coloring in and punching out. If you want to see the images closer, select the main collage and to view the text.

Here are a few extra images and details that might be helpful.
After daubing the flowers in Soft Suede, I took my red market and dotted the center. Don't get intimidated. This when by much quicker than you would think.

Here's an entire sheet. Now THIS took some time. I needed something monotonous to do, while I sorted out the details for my next project, my "Matchbox Memories". Ya gonna LOOOOOVE it! Of course I had to video the entire process. Now the editing begins (which takes the longest).

Center a flower in the punch. Don't freak out that there are 8 embossed petals and only 6 on the punch. No one will notice on the final product (believe me).

Smash a glue dot where you want a glittery ornament and then sprinkle your desired colored of glitter on top. You need to place the glue dot directly on the tree, unless you have some really skilled technique of putting the glitter on the dot and then placing it on the tree without messing up the dot.

Here's another view of the dots and the flowers (which were also attached with glue dots).

The final product. Of course it needs to be inside of a card, but I have days to do that.

I am currently working on some mixed media pieces for an upcoming show in November. You do know the holidays are coming right?
Two more days till the weekend. Yeehaw!

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Laura Pinto-Nguyen said...

I see some gorgeous work on your blog...I am so happy to have found it..I just can not believe not one person takes a second to leave a comment on so many tips you share with us all...annoying actually...I feel like taking an hour to just comment on all your posts but I don't have the time right now...believe me, I'll be back to write some more.