August 19, 2010

A New Family Member

Meet Shakespear, the newest member of the family.

Shakespear is a baby squirrel and was rescued by little missy who just HAD to bring it home.  Little missy selected the name based on the street she was found on.

Anyone who knows me knows my relationship with squirrels.  They are my least favorite garden animal.  However, when it comes to the small and defenseless (like this one), I can handle them (for a short time).

She was found near the end of July laying on the pavement around the corner.  More than likely she fell out of the tree.  Little missy scooped her up and brought her home.  Of couse, this all happened two weeks before school started, and of course now that little missy is in high school she's not home to feed Shakespear as often as needed.  This leaves the lunchtime feeding to me.

Isn't she so sweet? Tiny, tiny. 

You're seeing her with a bit of hair than when she was originally found.  She was all pink prior to this.  Must have been at least 1 - 2 weeks old when missy found her.  Must be 4 weeks now.

I told little missy that this thing is going to the LSU Vet school b/c I do not care to drive home everyday to feed it.  Then I started thinking and wondered if it would get lost amidst the other animals there at the school.  So, I've decided to let her stay for a while longer.  At least till she can move around more on her own.  Her eyes aren't even open yet.

This isn't our first encounter with a baby squirrel.  We found another a few years back at the church after mass and named it "Lucky".  Austin was kicking it thinking it was dead but it wasn't.  We picked it up, nursed back to health and enjoyed watching it grow.  The down side.  They have teeth that are used to chew  nd gnaw.  Apprently they enjoy wicker patio furniture.  The furniture was getting old anyway so I guess it didn't matter.

It's time for another feeding for Shakespear and myself.  After all, it is lunchtime! 


Lovey said...

How very kind of you to take in this baby...

Chanda said...

Oh, my gosh! I have NEVER seen a baby squirrel...ever. It's so cute! I'm so glad it's doing well with your TLC.