September 10, 2010

Caramel Treat Box Card

WOWZERS! It's been close to a MONTH since I posted.  I've been a busy bee.  Many irons in the fire, one being the little girl below.  Despite my PLEAS to take it to the wildlife rehab, the spouse wants to hang on to it.  He talks to her just like a baby.  Look at how big she's gotten:

Now, on to some CRAFTING news.  I'm going to share with you a fabulous new template.  It's FREE and you can find it on the Pockets Of Inspiration NING site.  Here's a quick sample of how to use it:

Might I suggest if you're stuffing the box with candy, you purhcase candy your family DOESN'T like, this way you won't have to head out to the store to by another bag because they've eaten it all.

Now, you've got to PROMISE you'll make some samples and share them on the Pockest of Inspiration NING site.  Really, there's so many fun things use it for.  I want to see YOUR ideas.

Be sure to check out the site as there are several more samples available in the photo section. 

Well, I'm running on empty and will be hitting the sack shortly.  I will be back this weekend with a sneak peek video for the latest Paper Crafters Sampler "Autumn Tapestry".

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PawwPadd said...

Hi, love the example of the template! I'll be going over to download my free copy. Thanks for the inspiration, great job! About Shakesphere; I use to work at a wildlife museum and I know that if you're going to keep her, you must hold her often and everyday. Her natural instinct will have her leary of "us". We had some squirrals at the museum and an infant and we had to hold it everyday aside from feeding it. It you don't keep her please take her to a wildlife preserve where she can be cared for properly because she'll never learn all of the natural ways to get food now that she's with you. I wish you great luck with her, she's precious! I remember when you first posted her, wow, she's grown a lot!! Are you going to change her name since you now know it's a girl?
Bethann - aka - PawwPadd