September 23, 2010

A Regal Valentine

Have you noticed I sometimes alter my priorities according to what's more fun than urgent :-)  Believe it or not, working on something that isn't required clears my mind.  These past few submissions were sent in for publication.  Keeping my fingers crossed they made it, if not, well you'll all have something to work on during the Winter dulldrums.

With that said, here's the last of my Valentine submission.  That is, until the mood strikes again. 

The base of this project (the large heart) uses the Petal card die from Sizzix.  .

My favorite addition was dragging the cream colored craft pad over the upper left side (you can see below) and the cheesecloth.  Cheesecloth.  Love that stuff!  It adds softness and texture.  Gives it an, airy feel.  Ya know?

The most difficult part was threading the two flaps of the heart with poppy embrodiery thread (see below).  Love the look of hearts that are stitched; in repair.

Lots of detail in this peice.  The only thing I'd do different was to add a few more beads to the base.  The peice origially had 3 but my lack of making a secure knot resulted in only two strings.  The remainder of the third is dispersed on our backyard patio.

Hope you enjoyed this little Valentine series.

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