December 19, 2010

Dynasty Ornament ~ Poinsettia

A few days late with the directions for the Dynasty Ornament, but here they are.  It was more difficult to put into words than I thought.  Hopefully the directions and shapes I created will be easy enough to follow.

There are several ways to recreate the ornament.  Cut the template shapes and layer them one on top of the other, using the smaller layers as a guide to create your side 'strips'.  Then push them up a bit (gently) and adhere to the base.

You can find the template (along with a few others) in the "Freebie Template" group on the PocketsOfInspiration.NING  (POI.NING) site.  Like most NING's you must first sign up for the site.

Here's another sample to get you going.   If you happen to try it be sure to post your samples to the POI.NING.

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