February 21, 2011

Sixlets Easter Cross Box

Playing with the Easter Cross Box Template.   This little box was stuffed with some Easter colored Sixlets chocolates.  What was most difficult about this was trying not to eat the candy. 


Carey said...

How wonderful. Thanks for sharing this with us. I love looking at your blog (although I am terrible about leaving comments).

Carey Rogers
aka Roscoe's mommy

Jan Hoyt said...

Melanie, I stopped by your blog to see the Easter Cross box from Kelly Mayou's blog finds of the day but stuck around to check out the great U Tube video on detailing silhouette stamps...it's awesome!!! I haven't used Upsy Daisy for quite some time but I am going to have to find one of the really fine tipped pens you used and give that a try, it's beautiful! T didn't have the sound turned on so couldn't hear the background noises but it cracked me up when you said your dog needed nails clipped...I can always hear our dogs coming for that very reason! Jan Hoyt www.inkerzaway.blogspot.com