March 21, 2011

Sunny Blossoms Watering Can

Looking for something to brighten your drab gray office walls?  Something bright and cheery to serve as a reminder that you'd rather be home creating??

How about this:

Tucked a little floral foam underneath to support my bright blossoms.  Gotta love your styrofoam.

....and, I have a tutorial to show everyone how to do it.  Give me some time to compile the's a doozey!  I've got lots, and lots and LOTS of editing to do.  I'll do my best to have it up by Thursday. 


eva said...

Very pretty

Debbie Martin said...

What a beautiful job. Can't wait for the video.

scrappychica said...

this is stinking cute!!! I love it. very creative, can't wait to see a tutorial.

Elizabeth said...

this is super cute! Found the link over at Late Night Stampers Blog Finds of the Day.

Deanna Czarniecki said...

Can't wait for the video! This is beautiful!