March 6, 2011

Paper Ikebana

Are you familiar with Ikebana?  It's the art of Japanese flowering arranging.  To me, it is a simplistic form of arranging flowers using the minimalist of supplies.  It's an artform which can make a plain white wall the focal point of the room.  Here's a sample:

Here I've tried a 2D Ikebana arrangment on the Cross Box template.   The concept is for a more modern wedding favor.  What do you think? 

Here's a close-up. 

Aren't these flowers darling?  They're super easy to make.  I've snapped a few photos for you to see how I've created them.

Start out with a flower punch, like the old reliable boho punch.

Punch several of the smallest flowers in white cardstock.  Using a foam mat, push down on the center of the flower using a pencil eraser.

This next step is optional.  To cup the flower more, use a Q-tip and form the edges around the soft tip.  The circumfernce of the Q-tip is smaller than the eraser so it allows you to give the flower more shape.

Lastly, sponge some pink ink on the inner petals.  My sample uses a very subtle soft pink, I was going for a softer look.

Last step is to simply attach them to your Cross Box.  The seed beads were added with some old realiable white glue.  Give it a try and be sure to send the link so I can check out your sample.


Cherie Franklin said...

Melanie, Because you share so much of your wonderful creative, artistic side on your blog I want to pass on this Stylish Blogger Award to you!
I listed your name along with a link to your blog which you can find in my link below! Thank you for all the creative inspiration!
Cherie Franklin

Created By You said...

Brilliant as usual Melanie! Love this, thanks for sharing the fully detailed how-to as well as your beautiful art!
Sharon F.

§hawnie® said...

What beautiful projects you have made! You are very creative from arranging Japanese flowers to Cross gift boxes! Everything is so beautiful and delicate!