May 28, 2009

Crafting for Everyone

Between printing resumes and filling out applications, I've been taking time to create (so have the children).

First up, we have "Recession Kid Crafts". Before the Wii, DS, Nintendo and other electronic devices children used their imagination for play. Give them (or in this case, let them take) a few supplies around the house and let them make their own toys.

Here, the children skillful applied aluminum foil and masking take to make "Fridge Art" (which also doubled as weapons two hours prior to the fridge display). Missed the photo of the hand grenade; I think it found it's way over the back fence.

Personally (from a Mother's point of view), this looks just as good as some "quality" sculptures I've seen.

You should also note, aluminum foil can also be used to make wrist/arm-bands to create an "Iron man" effect. Those looking for "Halloween costumes - Recession style", make sure you tell everyone you heard it here first!!! Unfortunately I didn't get a photo before the Iron man child was disassembled.

For all of you wondering what to do with the kids this year (craft-wise), let them loose in the house and see what they come up with. Come back and share your photos! It'll be interesting to see what others can create.

Now, on to the adult crafts. Here's what I've been working on. After months (OK, over a year...many years), I buckled down and created my very own mixed media canvas collage. Acrylics, oils, paper, seed beads and more. It was fun (slightly intimidating). It's not finished, just wanted to share before the final touches.

Inspiration for this came from many, many resources. One that was a real influence was Audrey Eclectic. She does the most BEAUTIFUL work (and luckily 4 of her art pieces reside in my very home).

OK, enough computer time. Must get back to business at hand.

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