May 19, 2009

Crafting on Canvas

Have you ever made a to-do list that just seemed to grow and grow? Well, there are several lying around here, partly because when an idea hits it's jotted down so it's not forgotten. Problem is, we're so busy with the 'everyday' that doing a to-do list comes second.

Two weeks ago I was given the boot (laid off). It was bittersweet really, losing a job is never good but at the same time it relieves you of office duties to catch up on things that have gotten away from you (like your ever growing to-do list). Thus began the completion of a baby canvas that was started weeks (OK, months) ago.

Below is the finish product. It came out nice (I think). Kind of plain really, but the pattern to the baby's room was really simple, so this worked out well. The main canvas was painted with acrylic and then embellished with felt scallops and daisies using dies, fleece, crepe paper, buttons and various odds and ends around the house. This was so much fun to make!

Here's a close-up of one canvas (view the other canvas by selecting this Flickr link or on the right side of this blog).

The left corner of this canvas uses "Raspberry Tart" designer paper by Stampin' Up! It really was the perfect compliment to this piece given the colors being used. The pink flower on the bottom left was originally from my daughters ballerina dress when she was two years old (she's almost 13 now). Just goes to show that all the 'stuff' we gather can be put to use, eventually.

Making this pink crepe ruffle was so much fun! Really gives the canvas some girl frillies.

The daisy below was created using a coffee filter. Yep. Got the idea from Ms. Pam Garrison herself! That lady has some AWESOME ideas. Pam used filters to make a garland, but I thought this was just another great way to utilize them. Using tissue paper to make this flower just didn't seem to keep it as stiff as the coffee filter did; it holds up better.

This little pink fleece add-on was the most difficult. All other embellishments were added to the canvas except for the one light pink spot that remained. Mixing fuchsia and the pink was the first option, 4 days, this was the final decision. The softness is wonderful, kinds of tones down the other loud colors (it is going in a nursery afterall).

So, do you think they'll enjoy it as much as I have creating it?

Here is the final product of the Rubbapalooza Spring Soiree. Everyone seemed to create them easely and in their own style. The daisy-like flower below was made with an everyday household item. Any ideas what it is?? If you guessed Coffee Filter then you're definitely on the creative track. It's simply a layering of mulitple daisies from the die mentioned above. The branches and bird were created with THIS die and the main background was created with a napkin and applying gel medium. The options are endless using a technique like this.

Thanks for taking the time to look. Enjoy your Tuesday.


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