July 24, 2009

Freelance Friday

I'm not even sure what Freelance Friday means. Well, I know what freelance means, and Friday of course, but am not sure how it relates to the random images I'm about to share within this post.

Thinking of a clever title for a post can be challenging. It should be related to the post and of course, I want my title to be fun and creative. Starting out stumped for a post title is never a good thing. Wanna know the trick to overcome thinking up a title? Start typing. Soon the post becomes it's own and a title is revealed. This post title is starting out as "Freelance Friday". Let's see where the text takes us and if it will need changing before I reach the end.

It's Friday, and my Artful Blogging came earlier in the week. I rip off the plastic wrapping to get a look at the cover art when any of my art publications arrive. The cover art after all will set the feeling for the entire publication. What do you think of the colors of this issue? Soft grey and pinks. A lovely, cooling Summer issue, much different from the bright oranges and yellows of typical summer.

I started reading the publication earlier in the week, but I don't delve to far into it unless I know I can read it uninterrupted with no distractions, allowing full absorption of each issue.

Since the issue arrived, I've really only had time to scan the pages. Then the boys asked to go swimming (next door at the neighbors house; who is always kind enough to let us cool off in the pool). So, off we went, boys with swim gear and I with my lovely publication and sketch pad.

Two hours later, I've read the entire issue. So many creative people in the world. There are bloggers around the world looking for time to create and write about what's happening in their lives. Simply, an online journal. Isn't it amazing how far we've come from the old fashioned pen and paper journal?

Let me share a few more images I took while sitting out.

The first, is an old wood shutter that is supposed to be hiding the pool pump. I have my eye on it, hoping soon it'll be out to the curb. It's falling apart I know, BUT I have plans for it. I'd think those slats would look great painted or stamped with some personalized art. Not sure what kind of art yet, maybe some really elongated bunnies. What about a collage of painted images on those slats displayed in a frame? Lots of possibilities, you just need to think outside the box.

I think those red hibiscus are making it even more enticing to me.

Here's another view from my chair. How can one not resist taking a photo of clear blue water on an airy summer day? It's not the best image with the chair in the way. I could have gotten up and taken a shot at a better angle, but then you wouldn't be seeing the view from 'my eyes', ya know?

Addison, who has finally mastered floating,

Now, here is where the subject kind of changes in relation to the post.

A few ago (or so) I purchased some sort of cheesecloth-like fabric I at the Dollar tree. It's not really cheesecloth, it's more of a cotton fabric. It's supposed to be some sort of door decoration for Halloween, but I bought it specifically for creating art. I love gray color and look of it.

It's hanging on my lamp here because I wanted to be able to look at it. No different from someone hanging up really pretty scrapbook paper or their favorite quilting fabric. This is the lamp in my art room. Some how last week I found the entire cloth inside the mouth of the dog. No doubt the kids gave it to him, because if it doesn't not have their name on it then it is up for grabs.

I did make something a small square from the fabric, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what it is. Here's a sneak peek.

So, how's the Freelance Friday do for today's post? Nothing really popped out at me. After reading this post, what would 'you' have called it?

I'm going to work on some more Halloween projects so I can post them tomorrow with my full From the Crypt card. Until tomorrow. Have a great Friday night!


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