November 5, 2009

Altering a Serene Snowflake

I'm here guys.  I've been filming another project to add to your "Smiley" gift-list.  It should be up by lunch tomorrow so make sure you check back.  You can view it on my Vimeo account so you can view it there as well.  It's approxmiately 25 minutes so grab your beverage of choice and sit back to enjoy.

Until then, here's something I posted to PocketsofInspiration.NING. earlier this week.  It's an idea for extending the use of your Snowflake stamp set (the one I used was Serene Snowflake).  Both cards shown here were created for swaps.  I favor the top bottom left.  The cosmo glitter I added really makes the image pop; kind of the star of the card.  It's a simple design, but it didn't need much, that snowflake is the main showcase.

OK, I'm off to finish editing the video for tomorrow.  I'm headed to New Orleans late afternoon so I will plan to post it before then.

The tutorial is a Jumbo paper Clip.  The idea has been around for some time, just thought I'd share the how-to's for those who aren't familiar with it. 

Until tomorrow.


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