November 8, 2009

LSU Girly Collage

Next weekend I'll be participating in an upcoming holiday show here in Baton Rouge.  It's Mistletoe Market.  A holiday shopping extravaganza.  Over 100 vendors selling anything from hand-made, home decor, food and more.

I've participated in the event for several years and this year I'm mixing things up a bit.  From a demo's point of view, most of those attending the event are interested in purchasing Holiday gifts, not ordering them.  Thus the reason I've been occupied for the past few weeks.  Well, that and I've been under the weather.  Had to cancel my trip to New Orleans for a workshop which is highly taboo for demos.  Just didn't think it was wise to drive while taking sleep inducing medicines.

This year I'll be offering a few of my "Seasonal Smiley's" at the event and some personalized hand-stamped mixed media art.  I've been having so much fun working on canvas's.

Here's my latest:

I wish you could see the background more clearly.  I think it came out wonderful!  The dark purples and golds are so rich on the canvas.  This is the original but I'll be selling prints at the event.  I'll have a few available on Etsy as well (hopefully the printer services I'm using will have them in a timely manner).

Anyone notice Spell check is gone from blogger, or am I just overlooking it?  Be prepared, I am the worlds worst speller.  OK...back to getting my things together for the big weekend.

Enjoy your week.  I'll post again on Tuesday with an update.



Sarah said...

I'd love to know more info on your Mixed Media with SU class.
I could not find your email anywhere.

Merilee Lane, Where Life is But a Dream said...

I just love these little girls! They are so precious!