November 28, 2009

Holiday Vignette Part II

Now, let's move on to the mantel. First you must remove your clock, and making sure the lizard is WELL out of the area. I think he snuck in when I brought in some things from the shed.

Start with an empty frame like this

Grab your ornaments and some fabric and soon you can create this:

The silver ornaments were purchased last year at Z Gallerie's after Christmas Sale (1/2 off, possibly more). The largest ornament is approximately 8" long.  Pairing the shiny silver against the dark red of the fabric (which is a plush throw by the way) was the main goal.  They look so rich together; I  was determined to make it work.  Here's a view from a different angle.  Silver and Wine decor.

Old frames are a great resource for creating displays. You can find them everywhere, from garage sales to flea markets. The old frame above had a deteriorating canvas which I removed with a sharp blade. You can still see reminants of green canvas on the left side of the frame.  Once your canvas is up, drape your fabric over so it falls gracefully (with a few pins to secure it in place). 

This mantel is the most challenging to decorate. The brick fireplace above is on a skew, making one side of the wall higher than the other. I'll share a photo once everything is completed to show you exactly what I mean.

Here's another great purchase from Z Gallerie:

Isn't she lovely? Mercury glass with those delicious rhinestones on all four sides and an antique brass topper. This ornament is about the size of an orange.

I hope this little tidbit helps get your decorating juices flowing.  I'm taking a small break the rest of the weekend to just look at things to decide what I'm doing next.  Decorating is a progressive venture.  You need to step back and take a look at what you've done to figure out what you need.  Besides, I'm in some serious need of some paper crafting time.  I get withdrawals if I'm away to long from my crafting room.

Until next week, lat-uh gat-uhs!


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