January 7, 2010

Felt Fabric Confections

Just TWO MORE DAYS until the premiere issue of Paper Crafters Sampler goes live!  You'd think with a big launch like that I wouldn't have time for much more.

Introducing my Felt Fabric Confections.  Isn't this an A-dorable felt heart adornment?   Layers of creamy white fleece and soft sky blue flannel, sandwiched between two dark chocolate chip felt covers.   This layered heart reminds me of those big coconut layered candy bars.  Do you remember those?   They were white, pink and brown made by Brach's.

It's hard to tell the scale of this heart but those who are familiar with the Movers and Shapers die  then you'll have a good idea. 

Here's a few more samples but with only one layer of felt.  The felt embellishes on the hearts are from the new Sweet Pea Stitched Felt from SU!.  The chocolate heart is embellished with the Flower Fushion pieces.  Both of the felt accessories from SU! work so well with this project due to the small scale of the heart.

Aren't they YUMMY?!  They look like candy to me, which is why I call them confections.  So dainty, so pretty.  Below they adorn a fancy hanger, but wouldn't they look just as lovely as a tag for a gift?  My original idea was to create a garland with them (and I still may do just that).

Here's a better view of the individual hearts.  The polka dot ribbon is the "Mambo Melon" by SU!.  One of the sassy new In-Colors.  To make the flower, simply stitch one side of the ribbon, pull the thread to gather it and sew the ends together. 

It doesn't take any time to put these babies together, especially since the bulk of layering is already on the pre-sewn Stitched pieces.   To assemble the hearts, tuck a piece of cotton thread between two felt hearts and use your Tombow Multi-purpose adhesive to glue them together.  What's great about the adhesive here is the very fine tip allows you to guide a thin line along the edges.  It holds GREAT (I know because I tried pulling them apart).  You'll use the same glue to attach those felt pieces to the top.

The beaded trim is something I had laying around the house; thought it added a more girly feel to the piece.  The only other addition I added was a little sewing with embroidery floss around the brown heart.  A tip in case you try this at home.  If you'd like to sew around the heart, then don't use the glue.  A needle does not penetrate that glue easily at all.

Now let's move on to the next project.  Looking for another great use for your  Petal Card Bigz?   How about Jumbo stuffed fabric hearts?   Here are a few I threw together.

The red heart is cut from fleece and is used as a pin cushion.  The edges were sewn together with a machine and then pinking shears were used to cut a decorative edge.  They are all stuffed with polyfil.

The white flower may be familiar to some of you.  It's the same flower used on the Little Fleece Baskets (taken from the Baskets and Blooms Bigz).

Making the hearts are easy.  Just cut your fabric from your die and trim off the two of the four petals. 

This chocolate felt heart is a bit different.  You'll cut two piece of felt but remove two of the petals from only one piece (the front piece).  Glued three sides together leaving the bottom left open to stuff with polyfill.  Stitch the opening after it's filled and then wrap the bottom petals from the back heart around to the front; sticth in the front to make the pouch.  Use some green grosgrain to make a flower and embellish once again with your felt pieces. 

The green flower was made the same as the pink polka dot listed above, and then sticthed to the heart.

I'll upload instructions for you next week for those who need a little more explaination.

There you have it!  Now you can go practice making your own valentine fabric confections.



Nikki Bond said...

Very cute! Love the idea! {SMILES}

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing your felt talent with so many stampers. Your creativity really shows that you really enjoy doing this.

Unknown said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE!!! You did a FANTASTIC job! Thanks for all the tips and instruction. I think the garland idea sounds awesome. What a cute confection to hang in a little girls room too!! Thanks again!!
Lorraine Rowe

Jacqui said...

These are sooo stinkin' cute!!! Did you use your Big Shot to cut the felt? I've tried, but mine doesn't seem to want to cut the felt.. Ugg! Is there a special kind of felt to use?

Anonymous said...

Are the hearts make wtih the SU sizzlet die? Can you give me the stock number so I know what to order?

Melissa said...

These all are absolutely beauitful.

Kathleen said...

These are wonderful. So beautiful. The first one makes me think of a valentine shapes oreo cookie. Mmmmm!

Stella said...

These are some of the CUTEST things I've seen lately! Love the homey feel of all of the felt! I may have to try to duplicate the idea somehow.

Shantaie said...

just stunning! I will give these a go for my craft group as a valentine for them! Thanks for the inspiration :)