June 20, 2011

Jumbo Scottie Dog Container

Here's a project for those who own digital scrapbook software (like My Digital Studio) yet rarely use it.

I have to confess, I own the software but cringe at the idea of printing in color.  The color cartridges are so costly.  I do utilize the software, but most of the time it's the open coloring book images like THIS.  Those particular images are easy enough to color in and print in black on any cardstock, as well as text available.

While using the open images to make large projects, I still wanted to find a way to use many of the solid images the program offers.  Thus began my experimenting with the bold images and ways to print them without having a big, solid black image printed on my paper.

Take a look at this:

I started out with this image from Man's Best Friend image found in SU! MDS digital software.

Here's the how to:
  • Insert image onto a new page
  • Copy image and change it to white
  • Position the images so they are evenly on top of one another (the white being the top-most)
  • Edit the white image but adjusting the size so it shrinks, revealing the black image behind.
  • Adjust the depth and color (you'll want something rather dark to create the outline
  • Copy the image and mirror image (this is for printing the Scottie in reverse on your paper).
  • Print onto desired cardstock (make sure your margins are set to "0")
  • Cut out image using the mat line that is closest to your image.
  • Sponge and embellish as desire

I've filled it with Post-it's and pencil's (trying to avoid the obvious cello-filled dog treats).

Create the inner box and attach both sides of the Scotties to each side.

Lots of variation for eyes.  You can simply use plain circles.  Here I punched two white using the largest circle from the Owl punch.  Punch two large circles again and remove a section leaving a crescent shape.  Finally punch two black circles using the next smallest circle from the owl punch.

Did you know just because you don't have the MDS software you can still download the individual stamp sets and use them similarly as I have shown above?  Yep, you sure can, by simply inserting them into Photoshop or and even Microsoft Word!  I'll try to throw together a tutorial for you.


Ret said...

This is absolutely the cutest!! You are very clever & creative. Love it!!!

Cathy Warhank said...

Thanks soooo much, Melanie! I love scotties and this is the cutest! I am going to have to get going on MDS - thanks for giving me a compelling reason!


Mary Jo said...

I love this! I'm trying to learn more about MDS and appreciate this tutorial. However, I have been unable to figure out how to add a mat to a stamped image as I don't see that option anywhere. Help?

PocketsOfInspiration said...

Mary Jo. It's actually a drop shadow you add, not a mat. Check the post again. I've added an additional image to help you.

Change your dog to white, add a dark drop shadow with no blur and then use your up and down arrows to position the shadow so it's extended below and beyond your dog/stamp image.

Can't wait to see what you come up with.