December 11, 2009

Fleece Basket Bundle

WOW!  Thanks for all the great feedback on my Little Fleece Baskets.  

The Baskets and Blooms die I've only used a few times.  I find working with paper more difficult than using the fabric (for this particular die, which is why I went the fabric route).  Not that you can't use paper, the fabric is just more...forgiving.

All those who asked about specific fabric types, I used fleece for this project but felt works just as well.  I've even used cotton before but typically give it some sturdier backing, like that fusible stuff (note to self, brush up on sewing terms).

I think the largest response came from those who enjoyed the project, but don't have the Baskets & Blooms die (which I might add went on sale today).  Being that it is the holiday season and these baskets are great for creating and putting small gifts inside (I'll be stuffing these darlings with cookies).  I've put together a little Fleece Basket Bundle for you.  Take a peek:


Fleece Bundle includes:
  • Precut fleece baskets in all four colors (olive, brick, ivory, chocolate)
  • Floss for stitching (Chocolate and Brick)
What is not included
  • Stitched green leaf (which is not available officially until January)
  • Buttons
  • Stitched olive/ivory center on brown basket (offically not available until January 1st)
To remedy the leaves I've included extra green fleece to cut your own (which adds more personal charm to your basket).  As for the button, well, surely you have buttons lying around.  What, no buttons?  Try substituting a bead, rhinestone, pearl or some other small item.  Have fun with it.  There are lots of possibilities.  My goal is to simply offer you the precut baskets so you can at least get started.

A few more ideas of how to assemble your projects.

Each basket shown here was created using just the pieces from the four baskets (although the green basket isn't shown).  Just switch the pieces and parts around until you're satisfied with something you like.

Did you notice the ivory flap on the brick colored basket?  It's the tag piece from the Basket & Blooms die.  My 5 year old called dibs on that one (...wish I could share the expression on my face when he threw that out at me).  I think he was intrigued by the chocolate flower on the end.

A few more close-ups.

Here's the white basket with a button for the flower center.

Here's what the back of the flower looks like if you decide to use the backside.  See the versatility?

So, if you're interested in creating four of these colorful fleece baskets yourself, they're available for $5.00, plus $2.50 for shipping and handling.

To purchase via paypal:

Any questions, feel free to email:

If you're interested in more than one set please email me before paying so I may adjust your shipping price.  It'll save you some buckaroos.  All is sent first class mail unless you're over anxious to get your hands on these babies and want them shipped 3-day priority.




Cheryl said...

These are adorable!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Melanie, these are darling! I do have the die and only made one basket. It was too hard to put together and I didn't like all the time it took. I love to sew, so this is the perfect remedy! Now I need to get it out again. I even have felt on hand.

K T said...

wow! saw a link to this on splitcoast... this is amazing!! very very cute. thanks for posting!

Lisa Hensley said...

this is so darling!!

Anonymous said...

Love them, had to order a set. Thanks so much for your creative talents.