December 2, 2009

Flourishing Advent

Brainstormed for two weeks to design an A-typcial advent calendar.  My original plan was to sew something, but as the 1st of the month grew closer my plans of sewwing diminshed.

Enter, My Digital Studio. the new digital software program from Stampin' Up!   A quick click and dragging of the mouse and, WALLA!

Well, there was a little more designing on my part but hey, I think for a quickie Advent assembly it came quite nice.  Here's a full view:

Here are the Hollies for counting down the days.  Just attach one to the ribbon for each day until Christmas.

Another close-up of the detail.  Doesn't the ribbon look real?  I've taken my gold Zig and embellished this color copy.

Now for the fun part.  Enjoy a complimentary PDF of this Advent (available in red and chocolate) for your home.  The files are accessible in the group "Flourish Advent" on my Pockets of Inspiration.NING site.  The site Flourish Advent is open to anyone (along with suggestions on assembly).  You can download both the Chocolate and the Red if you like.  There's a seperate PDF for the hollies.



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