December 5, 2009

Sending Love Sneak Peek

I've been having fun setting up my future ADVENTURE.  Soooooooooooo excited about it.  It will all be revealed soon.

Until then, enjoy this sneak peek of the DELICIOUS paper "Sending Love" I pre-ordered from the upcoming Occassion Mini from SU!.  These images are good, but you have no idea how awesome this paper looks in person.  Thick and SPARKELY.  One side of ever sheet has embossed glitter on it. 

I used "My Digital Studio" to create this pretty mosaic of paper.  Nice huh?

This paper is going to make my Valentine projects amazing.   Its got such a great weight to it.  Don't you think this will look awesome for wrapping small gifts???

Did I mention that this scrumptious paper is only one of many surprises in the Stampin' Up! Occassions mini?  The biggest news are the CLEAR STAMPS!!  Yeah, no one can ever say SU! doesn't listen to their consumers.

Starting in January, you can order the same great vulcanized rubber stamp, except now it has a self-cling adhesive on the back (a 1/4" thick foam back).  The cling stamps will be available in a few select sets to start with, and the wood stamps are still available.

Here's one of the cutie stamps I pre-ordered, "Fox and Friends".  It cooridnates with the Decor Element which use the same images. 

Here is how they are pacakged ,in this great plastic CD case.

Tomorrow, maybe, jussssssssssssst maybe, I'll share the new "Flat Punch" I pre-ordered.  Can you stand the wait?  Did I mention the little glassine envelopes?  Oh, there's NO end!

Have a great night!


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Jacquel said...

You got your goodies already?!! Mine will be here tomorrow but I'll be @ work when Mr. Brown arrives....lucky you!!!